Friction weldability of various metals and alloys

Сварка меди алюминия и нержавеющей сталиAccording to some researchers gripe is possible between any metals in principle. On this basis one would assume that the friction welding of any given pair of metals is principally possible given that the necessary conditions are created and right welding mode is selected. The majority of studied and the most commonly used on practice combinations of metals and alloys are successfully welded with friction indeed. Among these metals there are those that are difficultly or impossibly connecting by an alternative type of welding (aluminum to steel, copper to steel, austenitic stainless steel with pearlite and other combinations).

However, there are such a composition of metals (alloys) that do not obtain satisfactory quality compounds or even impossible to weld by friction. The reasons for this are not always clear and theory does not give the answer to this question right away.

Numerous experimental studies are summarized in the Table. We assign the good quality to those compounds, that does not decrease the mechanical properties of the welded metal and HAZ comparing to corresponding characteristics of the base metal. Compounds were considered as satisfactory quality connection if their strength was lower than the base metal strength. The poor quality compounds are almost impossible to weld. Blank cells indicate that the studies were not conducted.

Weldability table

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